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A Voice

2014 - 2015

Cast bronze ( lost wax technique)

hand-sculpted by WOLFS + JUNG

The raised fist salute - raising one's arm in the air with a clenched fist has been used as a symbolic gesture in many important movements and events throughout history to convey crucial human values. ‘A Voice’, a series of sculptural works by Bo Young Jung and Emmanuel Wolfs explores this symbolic language of raised fists.

The graphic image of the clenched fist has encompassed so many important movements and events of the 20th century, it has represented solidarity, strength, resistance, liberty, rebellion, human rights, and a call to act. There is a universalism to this imagery that transcends cultures and languages.

The title expands on the themes of dissonance, revolution, and change that the imagery conjures. An expression of ideas, a voice could represent a single voice of dissonance or it could be a collection of voices in accord, united for a cause. 


A voice can emanate from a charismatic leader who can inspire change in society, but not always positive, a morally reprehensible voice can also insight fear and paranoia with the effect of mobilizing people for a negative outcome. 

These sculptures are both celebration and reflection; It is a celebration of those who have the courage to stand for something they hold dear -whether be truth, freedom, justice, or fairness - but it is also a reflection of the global resurgence of populist politics and fanaticism that lead many of us to be driven by hate than hope.

Though a collection of hands, each piece reveals an individual character. Three raised fists were sculpted in the work 'A Voice' (2014/15) representing the diversity of social spectrum of our society: the lowest in height is the most masculine based on the fist of Emmanuel, the highest one is the feminine based on Boyoung's own fist, the middle height version is more ambiguous, a mixture of both. 

Seen as a group, the family of these fist sculptures evokes recent significant voices of protests that we have seen on the streets around the world.




SILENCE (2015)

cast bronze, lost wax technique


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