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                    About  WOLFS + JUNG 


The creative collaboration of Emmanuel Wolfs and BoYoung Jung started in London in 2003.


Having previously studied Industrial Design at La Cambre in Brussels and Woodworking and Furniture Design at Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Emmanuel and Boyoung found their shared interests in exploring the critical and conceptual dimensions of domestic objects while studying at the Royal College of Art in London.


Soon after graduation, they founded the design studio DrawMeaSheep (2005-2009) in Belgium focusing on translating their observations of contemporary society and culture into sculptural objects inviting viewers to reflect. Examples of such approach can be seen throughout their projects: the [Nature V2.01] (2006-2009), intended as a catalyst for the debates on the correlation between humans, nature, and the industry; and the [Land project] (2011-2012), questioning the individual and collective relationship to physical places and time - inspired by their experience of witnessing the fast-paced urban development in China (between 2008-2012 the duo lived and worked in Beijing); the [A Voice] (2015), exploring the symbolic language of the raised fist in today’s global resurgence of protest culture and social movements.

Since 2009, renamed as WOLFS+JUNG, the artistic collaboration of the duo has continued in Asia (in Seoul since 2012 after 4 years in Beijing), gradually refining and expanding their sculptural language in multiple mediums including cast bronze, wood, welded metal, found objects, and clay; as well as working on urban design commissions and art/design project consultancy.


Their works have been shown in major international fairs and exhibitions in Europe, USA, and Asia - including Design Miami/Art Basel, Pavillon of Art and Design(PAD) London/Paris, Collect_London, M+ Museum, Salon ART + DESIGN, New York, Collective Design NY, Gwangju Design Biennale, Milan Salone del Mobile, 100% Design London, MUDAC(Musee de Design et D'art Contemporains, Lausanne, Switzerland), Design Korea, CIVA(Espace Architecture La Cambre Horta, Brussels, Belgium), and Saint-Etienne Design Biennale, France.


In recent years, Emmanuel is leading the sculptural practice of WOLFS+JUNG, while also teaching as a professor in Industrial Design at Kookmin University, Seoul.


Aside from their joint works, Boyoung has also made individual projects in recent years, expanding her scope of artistic expressions in the mediums such as hand-sewn textiles and ink on paper. Her abstract compositions using linen and hand-stitching techniques of Jogakbo have been included in the permanent collection of M+ Museum, Hong Kong. She recently made two solo exhibitions in Seoul (2018, 2019) presenting her abstract ink drawings on Hanji paper inspired by the complexity of nature, developed in parallel to the sculptural practice of the tree works by WOLFS+JUNG.


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