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While still developing sculptural works under the WOLFS+JUNG label, Boyoung Jung has also been developing individual projects in other mediums such as textile compositions and ink on paper.


The [Korean Compositions] series, Jung's textile work revisiting the Korean craft of Jogakbo(traditional patchwork quilting) and abstract color compositions, is included in the permanent collection of M+ Museum, Hong Kong. Based on contemporary Korean apartment floor plans, these abstract compositions explore the social/cultural transformation of modern Korean society and one's cultural identity, as well as spatial and symbolic dimensions of Obangsaek primary colors.

In recent years however, ink on mulberry Hanji has become Jung's primary medium; once begun in parallel to her sculptural tree works, these abstract ink drawings reflect her growing interests in abstraction and the spiritual nature of repeated organic processes that materialize these works.

Jung returned to Korea in 2012 after 10 years working abroad and currently lives and works in Seoul.

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